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Subject: Would not ever name the interface "easy"...Reasons
Author: AngelicCare
Date: 09/16/2007 04:35
* What is the way to restrict downloading of "/" URLs? Both which ends with "/"
and like <> (default windows
syntax "*." does not work eg -*. )?* Unspecified max transfer rate limits
speed to 25k... (No global and default options were set)
* Connections with speed of over 999999 bytes/sec arent' supported? Gigabit
era! 100mb home Internet is on the way. Add 1-2 digits to max transfer rate,
* A few glitches (incorrect translations) in translation to Russian. E.g. 0
depth in external links said to be "Unlimited external links"

I didn't get an idea on these things:

* Project config: Depth 2 (for both mirroring and external), "Get non-HTML
files related to a link (eg external ZIP files, pictures)" checked, zip files
allowed in file masks, In Experts only tab: "travel anywhere", "go up and

.mspx page specified in project -> .mspx page -> external .zip file - does not
get downloaded.

Meaning that checkbox has incorrect label. It should be something like: Within
min(mirroring depth - external depth,external depth) levels limit allow to
download any files (zip, ...).
Such note is because "Offline explorer" with 0 depth set downloads page with
all linked external files. One of the leading products on the market.

Uh... And external links should have comment that it's limited by "mirroring
depth". One of behaviors is with mirroring depth=1 - set "download linked
external sites 1 level down" to get all linked pages/external files linked
from that page...

* WinHTTrack shows in "scanning" links even with restricted extensions (eg
-*.aspx). Any reasons why ?
Sorry that I took your time.

P.S. As I can see - e-mail addresses does not get protected on your site as
stated in this page. So...

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Would not ever name the interface "easy"...Reasons

09/16/2007 04:35


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