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Subject: Options Build Hide_Query_String
Author: Andy Tate
Date: 09/20/2007 22:26
Hi, Firstly wonderful program.  I had worked through a few others - shareware
and all - before comming across this one that actually downloaded the site I
wanted.  Lots of links with query strings in them which HTTrack coped with
correctly identifying the file type etc.  However, one strange behaviour.
I have set "HideQueryString" in the Options Build and the first time I
download a new site it stores the files (nearly all .pdf files actually) with
part of their query string (so very long file name). If I straight away do
another run taking the *update_existing_download option it downloads all the
files again BUT this time without the query string. Then when the download
finishes it correctly deletes the old version as I dont have
DoNotPurgeOldFiles ticked,

So does the job just question why it needs two hits - or more correctly can I
set an option to only use one hit. Oh yes running Windows graphical version
Cheers again for such a useful program.

Andy Tate.. 

P.S. Webwhacker; BackStreetBrowser; WebCloner; WebStripper; SurfOnline;
WebCopier all tried and abandoned for HTTrack.

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