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Subject: Re: Performance issue
Author: William Roeder
Date: 09/27/2007 02:50
> Hi William,
> I just tried v3.32 and it still has the same
> problem.
> I assumed you had taken over development from
> Xavier, considering you are providing most of the
> support and Xavier is no longer active in the forum.
>  Are you not involved in development?
No, I'm a user just like you.  I reread your original post.  

This is a problem with the default windows tcp configuration. I adjusted mine
for dialup.  Under Wifi I get 60-90KB/s per connection max.

You can try TCPtweek, TweekMaster, or regedit:


Or just use multiple connections.  On dialup I use a maximum of 3.  On Wifi,
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