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Subject: Very Difficult Problem - help?
Author: jpcook
Date: 09/27/2007 04:43
Details at   140 99 52 211 httrack 
There I have two documents, one in Word and the other RTF.

This is an https site. 

Login is at <> 
'Capture' the link and it's of the form <ttps://> that's wierd.

HTTrack can't get past that point. 
the pages I'm really after are exposed as links after about two more screens.
These pages contain an anchor <A and javascript to do their magic. 

I just can't see how to dance around to a point where I can get what I want. 

I know I need the username and password. No problem. 
But then I'm bounced out with 302s. 

If you'll go to my site you can download two pages wherein I describe the

help. Please? 

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Very Difficult Problem - help?

09/27/2007 04:43
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09/28/2007 16:55


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