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Subject: wrapper not called
Author: Jayaprakash
Date: 10/01/2007 16:44

I am using httrack-3.41.22 in linux (Ubuntu). I have modified the example
program given in the httrack website as follows.

EXTERNAL_FUNCTION int hts_plug(httrackp *opt, const char* argv) {
  /* To make sure this function is called, I am Just creating a file */
  FILE *fp = fopen("/tmp/mytouch1.file","w");
  return 1;  /* success */

I used the following command to compile

$ gcc -I /usr/local/include/httrack/  -O -g3 -shared -o

It created a without any errors.

And I want to plug the module using the commandline.

$ httrack --wrapper mylibrary <>

But I found the program was not calling the external function. 

Can any one tell me where I am wrong ?


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10/01/2007 16:44


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