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Subject: HTTrack as a test probe
Author: Colin E.
Date: 10/05/2007 17:10
I've just discovered HTTrack, and like it a lot. I was hoping to use it as a
probe/stress test tool to verify the security of a new web site.

There seem to be a couple of functions I need missing however, is this true-

1) I would want to be able to feed HTTrack a list of probe
   URLs in a text file, one per line. Each could be a single
   page, or a root point for spidering downwards. I know I
   can feed HTTrack's command line a list of URLs, but I am
   talking about a list of 2000-10000 URLs here, which would
   be way too much for the command line.

2) The site doesn't generate a 404 error on an access
   failure, but instead goes to a "please log in" page.
   Therefore I need a mechanism to say "a redirect this page
   should be construed as an error".

Given these two, I reckon HTTrack's log file would be my
test results, Is it possible?
Regards: Colin

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10/05/2007 17:10
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