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Subject: Download around index.html file?
Author: EricaR
Date: 12/30/2007 00:43
I looked through the forums to see if this question wasn't already answered and
I didn't find an answer that worked for me. So I've decided to ask.

My friend owns a website and has a file in a directory I need to download.
She, unfortunately, is in the hospital and unable to do much but lay there. I
know what directory it is in on her website but the directory is protected by
an index.html. I don't know the name of the file. Is there a way to download
the entire directory? The index.html file has no links to any of the files.
It's there to disallow directory browsing.

This is a bit frustrating because I need to download the file and that darn
index keeps being the only thing saved. Is there ANY way to get the directory
listed or even a way to just download EVERYTHING?
Thanks for the help. I'm not all that great with computers.

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12/30/2007 00:43
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