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Subject: Help on Scan Rules
Author: Andres Botero
Date: 09/07/2008 21:48
Hello there!

I've used HTTrack effectively to download entire sites, but now I just need
something specific.

I want to download the page (not the site)
<>, and I want it to
also download some of the links that very page points to, but I want it in a
way that I can access those links from the loaded curso-de-programacion-en-c/
index.html file. I mean, for example:

Whatever rule I try, it (curso-de-programacion-en-c/index.html) just will
point to the link
on Internet, instead to the downloaded copy. If I do add it through the Add
URL option (in the "Web Addresses: (URL)" option, before the Scan Rules tab),
whenever I click the link on the main page
(curso-de-programacion-en-c/index.html), it'll open on a new browser window,
instead of doing it in the same.

If anyone can help me with a rule or anything to make it behave like I want,
I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

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09/07/2008 21:48
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