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Subject: No space on disk
Author: Martina
Date: 09/10/2008 10:32
Hello all,

I tried to just scan (not store) a local website with thousands of links to
check if I have them all correct.

Using version 3.40 I had a problem with memory usage (I have only 1 GB) so I
switched to the latest version (3.42-3).

Now I have the problem that httrack tells me there's no space left on my
harddisk, but I consider 20 GB are more than enough space left. I still use
Win2k, so I think there's simply a problem with the number of files allowed
per folder. I have seen there were many many temporary files in my project

Any ideas how I can fix that? Or is it a bug that you have to handle?
Thanks for any help,

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No space on disk

09/10/2008 10:32
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