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Subject: Fixing pending issues on 3.43-beta-4
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/13/2008 10:37
Any feedback on the current 3.43 beta release is still welcome ; but some minor
issues will be left "as is" for the 3.43 release, to ensure that the current
stable release can be used in place of the 3.42 one "quickly" (within days/few

Pending issues:
- the skip buttons are somewhat reliable and grayed out without reasons ; and
other minor issues in the windows interface
- the single-connection-during update, due to the -%N option enabled by
default, can not easily be improved (except by using -%N0 and return to the
3.33 behaviour)
- probably some other issues remaining

If no important bug pops out, I will schedule a new stable release, and burn
the 3.42 version :)

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Fixing pending issues on 3.43-beta-4

09/13/2008 10:37


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