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Subject: Links working in IE6 but not Firefox/Safari
Author: John B
Date: 09/15/2008 15:11

Wondering if someone can help me. I've mirrored a website and all appears to
have worked fine. For example when I look in the directory all the pages are
there and if I click on one if flashes up.

The problem is that the index page isn't woprking as it should. There are a
list of items on the page and for the top 4 the links don't work (the text
doesn't even register as a link) - the bottom 4 it does work just like the
website. Wierd.

The odd thing is that in IE6 the website works as it should but in Firefox and
Safari it doesn't.

Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong or how I can get it working in Firefox?

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Links working in IE6 but not Firefox/Safari

09/15/2008 15:11


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