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Subject: The tutorial does not work here
Author: F
Date: 09/22/2008 00:17

The solution listed at
<> does not work here.
(I tried it before posting the first time, and again after seeing your

After I change the proxy settings and click on the form on the site, all I get is a confirmation of site registration
(Processing registration data.... Registration saved, thank you!), which
indicates that a cookie has been saved (see cookie details below).  

At this point NOTHING happens with HTTrack.  It does not capture any URL's
from (HTTrack will capture the next link I click in any of
other tabs or other sites - I am using FF3).

You can easily see this behavior for yourself:
2. click on "by Region"
3. click on "Silicon Valley"
4. click on "Software"
5. you get the reg. form (you'd get here with any three step drill down)
6. enter anything into the reg form
7. you get Registration saved, thank you
8. Repeat steps 2-4 and you get a full list

Any further suggestions?  Thanks in advance


ps - contents of the cookie:
Path: /
Send For: Any type of connection
Expires: at end of session
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