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Subject: can't download multilingual site
Author: Dieter
Date: 09/22/2008 11:41
Hi guys,

I've made a site with Joomla and used JoomFish to make it multilingual. The
site itself is originally in Dutch but some sections of the site are also
available in French or English.

Whenever I try to make a copy all it does is download the Dutch version so the
English and French are left out of the picture. Is there any solution to this

I noticed if I put index.php?lang=en the content will be in English for the
first page but then lose any other language while the downloading takes

A solution could be to make 3 mirrors (NL, FR and EN) and put them in a
different folder according to the language.
EN for the English one, FR for the French one and so on.
Only problem is that I don't really know how to do this since the file names
of the pages have then to be the same for both languages to see if there is a
translation available. I've already figured out that I have to do something in
the build tab but I can't find what exactly I need to change.

If anyone knows the solution I owe you a couple of pints



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