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Subject: Re: debug-ratestats
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 10/04/2008 09:06
> debug-ratestats noramlly create a file with one line
> per minute, it is actually one line per 10 ms ;)

Darn, can't reproduce the issue using the 3.43 release -- anyway statistics
are NOT taken in account for ftp tranfers.

> multithread seems does not works since these latest
> version even under windows now :-(

Again, httrack is NOT an ftp tranfer program - the download function is really
basic, and it will not be much improved in the future because this is not the
purpose of the program.

> for xavier, bug of low speed i have reported more
> than 2 years ago (cannot DL up to 4000K under linux)
> yet exist :-(
> echo <> >

The link is approx. 1MB/second using a regular ftp program, which is close to
what httrack seem to download.

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