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Subject: Re: ASP and ASPX files
Author: William Roeder
Date: 10/08/2008 17:25
> I've been trying to get the following sites to work
> but they don't download properly:
> <>
> <>

"Don't download properly" does say anything usefull. I got 13 mb in 7 minutes
before canceling it.
> Both have asp and aspx files which are not converted
> to html, even when I set the MIME types to it.

Asp files like all server side code (cgi, asp, jsp, php...,) are converted to
html on the server. The latest version keeps the extention as .asp (previous
versions renamed them)
> Also, as a matter of interest, does anyone know when
> 3.44 will be out??
3.43 just came out, average is 6 months
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