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Subject: rename files to link name
Author: Tom
Date: 10/15/2008 06:53

I'm trying to download a dictionary website.

Each word has it's own page, so HTTrack downloads them well.
However, the problem is that the links on that website don't include the word,
so I can't find the file/word that I'm looking for.

The links on the website are like that the linkname you click is
"Vocabularyword" and links to "query?ID=353462" so HTTrack renames them to
things like "w0bcd.html".
So I need them to be called "Vocabularyword.html" to be able to find the file
I'm looking for.

Is there anything I can do?HTTrack option? If not, could you please add an
Option like that?Or does anyone know a script or something that I can use to
rename the files after I've downloaded them all?

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10/15/2008 06:53
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