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Subject: Re: File with No ext
Author: Alex
Date: 10/16/2008 23:51
> > At some files have ext and some don't
> its
> > random. Whenever I download it produces files
> that
> > end in /file namehtml.html These are text files,
> that
> > normally end /filename  with no extension. 
> You are correct.  The files without extensions have
> type='text/plain'. I use local structure="other in
> web/xxx" It should put them in a text directory.  It
> puts them in the other directory but appends html to
> the filename and adds a .html extention.
> The latest version does not rename *.asp to *.html
> as the previous versions do. This may be a related
> bug.
> But, httrack is not modifying the downloaded file.
> You can use notepad to view them.
> Xavier, here's a log snip it:
> Debug: 	Final type for
> 'text/plain'
> Warning: 	Default HTML type set for
> Info: 	engine: save-name: local name:
> .../the-archon-5 ->
> web/other/the-archon-5html.html

So is there anyway to fix it so it works correctly? Or is there going to be an
update at some point that will solve the problem?
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