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Subject: request: dynamic referer feature (very needed)
Author: ErikH
Date: 11/04/2008 10:41
The '--referer=http://www.etc.etc...' entry can be used in the Scan Options. 
But this only allows one referer to be used even when downloading from
multiple sites.  A feature in which the referer is dynamically updated is
needed.  A simple feature such as '--referer=%url%' could accomplish this,
replacing '%url%' with the URL of the site being downloaded.  The problem I'm
having with the latest version of WinHTTrack is that I am trying to download
images from a site which requires the referer to match the URL each actual
page in the site.  So whereas a referer of <> would
work for the images at <>, it would not work for
<>, etc.

Please add this feature.  I look forward to donating to the project.

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request: dynamic referer feature (very needed)

11/04/2008 10:41


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