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Subject: Re: How to retrieve .php code instead of html?
Author: William Roeder
Date: 02/05/2009 16:09
> I've mirrow my website, but all the pages are hmtl. 
> My website use .php applications and mySQL database.
>  The mirrow made it static pages instead of dynamic
> pages. 
> Can HTTrack make a mirrow copy of my php website
> using and return .php applications instead?
You CAN NOT get asp, cgi, sql, etc from the public side of a web server.  All
you can get is html and related files.

3.32 and older version renamed all html pages to .html. Latest version keeps
the extension as is, but it's still only html

This is why we say httrack creates a mirror and not a copy. It's a static
version, a snap shot.

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Re: How to retrieve .php code instead of html?

02/05/2009 16:09


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