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Subject: Re: ImageBam - JPEG location???
Author: William Roeder
Date: 08/17/2009 23:17
> I can't seem to get images downloaded from
>, because I don't know where to find the
> location of the image...
browser show source. You'ld see the image is at:

> I can get the images when I use:
> +**
This does allow just images, it allows everything
Instead use get non-html=checked Then the location of images and css and js
files will load from whereever they are and the page will display correctly.
> but I would like it to just get the images that are
> linked from a forum page...not the entire site...
> here is an example image:
> <>
That is NOT an image it is a web page with one image. Normally if they were
simple relative links httrack would
get them automatically. But the links look like:
href= That's a absolute link and
httrack defaults to down only. If you just start there you'll only get one

I assume you want the pages under previous/next also.
so override with just: +*/image/*
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