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Subject: Re: configure htsserver problem
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/30/2010 14:19
> Unable to create the server: No such file or
> directory

You need the directory. Usage:

$ /usr/lib/httrack/htsserver
Initialzing the server..
** Warning: use the webhttrack frontend if available
usage: /usr/lib/httrack/htsserver [--port <port>] <path-to-html-root-dir> [key
value [key value]..]
example: /usr/lib/httrack/htsserver /usr/share/httrack/

$ /usr/lib/httrack/htsserver /usr/share/httrack/
Initialzing the server..
Okay, temporary server installed.
The URL is:

> Plus I need htsserver to use IP address, not server
> name IC-DEV-02.XXX.

Just use the IP address of your server, or - httrack is listening on
all interfaces/IPs anyway.
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