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Subject: wish for a new feature
Author: jens
Date: 06/05/2002 15:44

I have a wish for a new feature:

I have a web site which I would like to mirror.
This is an active webseite based on jsp pages.

Everything works fine, but:
- There are images (complicated 3d charts) on each website
they are referenced by the <img> tag.

The problem is that httrack first gets all the html pages 
and then later gets the images.

But as the images are generated on the fly, the generated 
image depends on the last visited webpage. With a web 
browser, first the html page is loaded and then immediately 
the images.
So the server can create the correct image, based on the 
data from the last visited website.

With httrack, I get the same image for every web page - of 
course, because httrack first gets all html pages and then 
the images and these are rendered on the last vistied html 
page  (Tomcat server with session java beans).

So my wish:
There should be an option:
"Read linked images for the web page directly after reading 
the web page"



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06/05/2002 15:44
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