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Subject: Re: Strategy of mirroring
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/05/2002 21:23
> I have a list of URL addreses, which are all always 
> accesible (from MS IE5.50).When browser open this address,
> first is returned dynamically changed address (there is 
> requested image).This address is valid only few minutes.
> In browser is not problem, becose these image is 
> immediatelly. But with HTTrack is problem. It goes 
> all list and store all these dynamically changed 
> which are valid only for first several images.
> I can ask if is possible download immediatelly file after 
> receive its address.

Well, this request is similar to the one ('wish for a new 
feature') few lines on top. To summarize, this would 
require some important changes in the way the engine cralws 
websites ; and I suspect the site to have implemented this 
to prevent offline browsers from crawling it. I have taken 
note of the problem, and see is something can be done ; but 
understand that I won't try to bypass measures taken by 
webmasters to limit mirrors/remote copies: it's up to them.
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