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Subject: Feature wish / mirroring strategy - Part II
Author: jens
Date: 06/05/2002 21:55
Bonjour Xavier,

>>Yuk.. strange behaviour
Not really...

>>; but 
>>understand that I won't try to bypass measures taken by 
>>webmasters to limit mirrors/remote copies: it's up to 

Please let my try to explain that this is not the case:

In my website, there are pictures in every web page 
(actually, charts with statistical data).

In a first web page level, the user selects which type of 
information he would like to see.
Then, a second web page is dynamically created by 
Tomcat/java/jsp with a html table showing all the data.

And now the included image. The image is created by a java 
servlet. Now you have to get the data from the web page to 
the servlet so that the correct image can be calculated. If 
there are a lot of values, you can't use the url parameters.

So the way to go is a javabean. This is a data object which 
is created for the current user (Internally, cookies are 
So from the image creating servlet, the existing java bean 
is accessed and the data extracted.

But the javabean is created when the web page is created.

So this does not work if the images are not requested 
immediatetly after the web page.
In that case, httrack does not behave like a "real" user.
Picture links are always requested directly after the web 
page - and not a long time later....

I am not sure if this is clear enough...


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