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Subject: WinHTTrack/HTTrack 3.20RC1 is available!
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/11/2002 20:48
This new release is now in 'RC' state, and the final 3.20 
should be soon available.
HTTPS support and IPV6 compatibility are the two 'big' new 
features among with various fixes and enhancements.

Feel free to test it and report problems/bugs!
Download page: <>

Summary of changes:

+ New: HTTPS support (SSL)
+ New: ipv6 support
+ New: 'longdesc' added
+ New: new file 'new.txt' generated for transfer status 
+ New: ISO9660 compatibility option
+ New: empty mirror/update detection improved
+ Fixed: The engine should be now fully reentrant
+ Fixed: Fixes for alpha and other 64-bit systems
+ Fixed: ftp problems with 2xx responses
+ Fixed: ftp problems with multiple lines responses
+ Fixed: ftp %20 not escaped anymore
+ Fixed: ftp RETR with quotes problems
+ Fixed: now tolerent to empty header responses
+ Fixed: hts-log closed
+ Fixed: Compressed pages during updates
+ Fixed: Crash when receiving empty compressed pages
+ Fixed: Random crashes in 'spider' mode
+ Fixed: bcopy/bzero not used anymore..
+ Fixed: various code cleanups

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WinHTTrack/HTTrack 3.20RC1 is available!

06/11/2002 20:48


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