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Subject: Re: Bug? Escaping spider.
Author: William Roeder
Date: 08/13/2010 20:19
1) First problem is starting at
<>. That is actually a
directory (there's a stirling-engine.htm/printable.html) This confuses HTT on
update and it purges the entire mirror on update. Mirror stirling-engine1.htm

2) Second problem is windows can't handle such large file paths:
hts-log.txt:4087345:18:29:37    Info:   engine: warning: serialize error for
to C:/Documents and Settings/Bill/My
open error: No such file or directory (directory exists, file does not exist)
Changed the site structure to xx in site/xx

> :52%20GMT	<>
> ig-wasp.htm	E:/I/Escape/
> sects/fig-wasp.htm	(from
> <>)
> But the downloaded copy of
> <>
> doesn't have a link to this page, even though

Sure it does, upper right hand corner is a link titled "Random" That link can
redirect anywhere. On my mirror I don't have fig-wasp but I do have
Try adding a filter -*/random-article

3) With the changes above I was getting over 5GB before I canceled it. Picking
a random mirrored page I found:
13:45:14  66374/66374     ---M--  200     added ('OK')    text/htm
l       date:Fri,%2013%20Aug%202010%2017:45:25%20GMT   
Documents/_internetDLed/test/  (from
Obviously %e1 is broken.
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