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Subject: one thread, very slow
Author: herb
Date: 08/15/2010 13:54
command line:
httrack -%! -i -c48 -%c0 --mirror --display -H0 -A0 -p1 -%F ''
other options provide an even worse results:(

FreeBSD 8.0-STABLE amd64
HTTrack version
internet channel: 2.8mbit/s

two projects, different servers:
Bytes saved: 	82,57MiB	       Links scanned: 	470/4995 (+1440)
Time: 	17min26s	               Files written: 	1669
Transfer rate: 	5,26KiB/s (11,24KiB/s) Files updated: 	1384
Active connections: 	1	       Errors: 	8

Bytes saved: 	35,65MiB	       Links scanned: 	1643/1838 (+195)
Time: 	50min05s	               Files written: 	1834
Transfer rate: 	0B/s (2,43KiB/s)       Files updated: 	1834
Active connections: 	1	       Errors: 	1

why httrack work so slow?how to make httraсk use simultaneously more

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one thread, very slow

08/15/2010 13:54
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08/15/2010 20:51


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