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Subject: Unexpected 412/416 error followup
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/27/2011 21:44
Hi folks,

After digging during several very painful hours to hunt this bug, I finally
managed to find the root of all evil, located in the delayed type check option
(the bug will go away with -%N0)

The following warning:
"engine: warning: entry cleaned up, but no trace on heap"

that was supposed to be harmful, was actually causing this other one:

"Unexpected 412/416 error (..)"

causing corrupted files during an update.

See also:

I am now validating the patch, and if the fix appears to be fine, a new
release should be released soon.

Thanks for your patience (the bug is more than two years old), and thanks to
Petr Gajd&#367;šek for the information provided.

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