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Subject: Re: Coldfusion Trouble
Author: William Roeder
Date: 01/08/2012 23:06
> Hi, i'm having trouble with a site using
> coldfusion.
Since you can only get html and referenced files what it's written in is

> i've captured the login details for
> <>
> and have set a mime type in the options menu, cfm
> <------> text/html
Mime type is only for sites that are broken. Your files will have the cfm
extension not html so you can't click on a file in windows.

> I have the main member page but can't download any
> other pages.
> Info:  Note: due to remote
> robots.txt rules, links begining with these path
> will be forbidden: /members/manage/ (see in the
> options to disable this)
What part of that message don't you understand?And next time post the actual
command line used (log file line two)
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