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Subject: Filters and External Files
Author: Dan
Date: 01/16/2012 21:35
I have a website with the following structure:  


All of the html files are in the “twiki/bin/view/SIG” directory.  The links
indicated above indicate the site hierarchy where no directory structure
exists.  There are many other links in the various pages which aren’t to be
copied.  All of the data files (.pdf) are organized in the “twiki/pub/SIG”
sub-directories.  I only want to copy links and data within the
“twiki/bin/view/SIG” directory, “twiki/pub/SIG” directory, and
“twiki/pub/SIG” sub-directories.  Additionally, I want to limit the mirror
to portions of the site, specifically, SIG->Documentation,
SIG->Documentation->XXX and SIG->Documentation->XXX->YYYYYPreviousVersions.

I’m starting with the Documentation page and trying to use filters to select
one XXX page and linked YYYYYPreviousVersion pages. The problem I’m having is
the “twiki/pub/SIG/YYYYYPreviousVersions/*.pdf” files are being interpreted
as external files and are not copied.  

Here’s the filter:  
+*.png +*.gif +*.jpg +*.css +*.js*

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