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Subject: How to download when webpage has subsections?
Author: Pieter Fontein
Date: 01/25/2012 04:24
Hello, and thank you for reading.
I'm a brand new HTTrack user, and I absolutely love the product, it is exactly
what I have been looking for... except for one little wrinkle.

I would like to download the news every morning, so that I can read it on the
subway on my tablet.

The newspaper in question is The Toronto Star, and an example of a page I am
interested in is located here:

When you click the page, you will notice, that the page loads fairly quickly,
and then a few seconds later 3 new sections appear in the middle: Today,
Yesterday, Previous.

HTTrack downloads the initially loaded short version of the site very well,
however, I can't figure out how to include the 3 sections in the download
process (those happen to contain the links to all the articles).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you kindly,

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How to download when webpage has subsections?

01/25/2012 04:24


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