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Subject: Re: What's new in 44-5?
Author: Biep
Date: 02/12/2012 23:26
Aha, I see - the installer contains a complete history; it is just the version
on the web site that is old.

I currently use wget, but I'ld love to return to httrack once the bugs I ran
into have been fixed.  Especially the escaping spider
( makes it impossible for me
to use right now, because:
(1) It means the download requires constant supervision, and
(2) repeatedly stopping, adapting the filters, and restarting is unfeasible,
a.o. because of the recopying bug

Please search my name "Biep" on the forum for details on more bugs the fixes
for which I eagerly await.

And thanks for all the effort you put in this!
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