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Subject: Re: "containing only" filter
Author: William Roeder
Date: 02/20/2012 22:26
Always post the command line used (log file line two)

> I'd like to capture a part of a website(for example,
> only the "/Test/Folder1" part).
The default is to go down only so if you start it on /test/folder1 it won't
mirror higher directories.
Unless the url is /test/folder1/../folder2.
> Is there a way to create a filter to capture such a
> subset of pages and only them (not the whole website
> with the parent directories) ?> 
> If i try to exclude parent directories, i can't
> capture the sub-directories... 
filters read left to right
-* +*/Test/Folder1/*
nothing but folder1 and below.
You also will need to use the near flag (get non-html files related) if you
want to get the pages formatting and images

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