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Subject: Re: How do I backup a phpbb3 site
Author: William Roeder
Date: 02/22/2012 18:46
> OK, this site requires to be logged in to view all

> those forum posts. Now I'd like to backup it, but
> all I get is to the login form. The site places 3
> cookies on my computer like this:
cookies are irrelevant, you must have HTT log in. HTTrack Help:
Don't forget to filter out the log-out url if any.

> Still I cannot copy the site, because HTTrack
> seemingly cannot put the
> sid=cbc5e6a0f0b7XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or something.
Sites with sids means they can not be updated - you must mirror it in one go.
An update will change sids and all html will be redownloaded.
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