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Subject: proxy track with squid (endian) in sibling mode
Author: Henno Heymans
Date: 02/26/2012 18:10

Would anyone have an example setup of how to set proxy track up with squid
proxy.  I'm trying to configure my squid proxy to work with proxy track to
serve cached sites that I use often from the HTTrack cache, also want these
sites to be available when my connection goes down.  

I can make it work in parent mode, but can obviously not connect to the
internet.  As soon as I connect in sibling mode I get the message from the
cache log that the sibling server is unavailable and
 eventually reports a dead sibling.  Tried timeouts acls, to no avail.  I
would be very thankful if someone could share a working setup squid config
with me.


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proxy track with squid (endian) in sibling mode

02/26/2012 18:10


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