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Subject: Gallery download Problem
Author: Pit
Date: 03/02/2012 06:41
I have acively read the documentation, explored the forum, but so far nothing.

My problem:
an image gallery full of thunbnails and HTML link to the full size image, not
protected by anykind of password doesn t download any image with HTTack. it
might be a site with a very simple java script (the JS directory?)

The log end up with 
09:25:50 Error:  "Forbidden" (403) at link (from
09:25:51 Error:  "Forbidden" (403) at link (from
09:25:53 Error:  "Unable to get server's address: Unknown error" (-5) after 2
retries at link ,/ (from primary/primary)

but these css and js directory are not the one where the images are located.

What did I try so far:
- Adding the specific folder where the images are stored to the include link
- follow the robot or ignore the robot
- Try various MIME mapping

The address I am starting from is

If you can help....

Thanks in advance


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