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Subject: I have to reboot my pc
Author: sito
Date: 03/04/2012 20:14
I'm copying a website that has a very slow speed when sending files, and there
will be at least fifty gigabytes that I need to copy.
I'm in the middle of the copy and for nine days that I keep the PC on, I
updated the drivers of the graphics card and installed the windows updates.
Should I restart the pc but I'm afraid that once I rebooted, then start again
from the beginning.
I noticed that if I go on "Mirror" is the "Pause Transfer" But I do not think
they ensure proper resumption of transfer after the restart PC
Can you tell me if there is a safe method to pause, restart the computer and
then resume?Sorry if English is not the best, I use the google translator.

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I have to reboot my pc

03/04/2012 20:14
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