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Subject: Re: How to download only files from a forum?
Author: Carpler
Date: 03/26/2012 15:47
No one can help me?Here is my doubts about project's options:
1) I'm not sure about the starting page. I catch the URL of the thread as
described in the CatchURL tutorial, but I don't catch the login page, but I
load the thread in the browser when I'm already logged in. Is this a
problem?2) When I set the "Maximum mirroring depth" I'm not sure that a thread
with several posts is counting as 1 level or each post is counted as 1
The index thread is so structured:
- Post 1: several links
- Post 2: several links
- ...
- Post n: several links
Each link connect to a thread in the same forum with one or two posts containg
some text and a link to a file on the same server of the forum.
I don't want to set the depth "unlimited": the forum got breadcrumb and a
horizontal menu and I don't want to download ALL the files on the forum (is
too BIG!)...
Someone can help me?
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How to download only files from a forum?

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Re: How to download only files from a forum?

03/26/2012 15:47


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