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Subject: Re: HTTrack Limitations
Author: Kumse
Date: 04/14/2012 12:28

quote httrack "Flash sites can be very difficult to mirror as they may embed a
scripting language (ActionScript), they may use external javascript, objects
or streaming and as they can communicate with a database."

i saw on some (legal) underground pages some news about attacks on an
nazi-forum, they downloaded the entire java-database(an java-forum is some
kind of java-database?) and made it offline avialbe for download -> i
downloaded this package and followed the instructions -> i started an local
java-server or something and loaded their files into it(can't remember it too

i know it is possible to make everything found on the web offline aviable if
you do right but from what i understand now it gives problems for example if
you try to copy search-functions cause you don't know how the server processes
your search-requests -> such kind of copy would need illegal access to the
server or you emulate legal search functions by using something similiar self
programmed/reverse engineered

the illegal way is something i can undergo with self programming and reverse
engineering cause most of the time where i am stuck at such problems it could
fixed fast by my self

such sites with databases in it are often with an build in search function and
rarely with different things i have to emulate for proper function -> i don't
want to download an entire browsergame or something similiar that could lead
to such complicated problems :D 

i download pages with guides, how-to's, some databases with how-to's in it and
such stuff what could usefull later if the web-page changed or is deleted ->
those aren't illegal sites. often those are some fan-pages for
computergames(databases with characters and so on), interesting
morphing/changing sites similiar to wikipedia i capture, sites with knowledge
about technological stuff or physical sites...

this should give you an understanding on what i do with httrack, i must
understand what i can do and what not. hoping you can tell me something i must
know to do such stuff
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