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Subject: Re: Bypassing content warning
Author: Charles
Date: 04/20/2012 03:04
I checked the other blogspot site to see if it could still be copied and it was
able to be copied. This time I only let it copy for a few mintues to see if it
could be done. The way I did it there was to copy the "I understand..." link
and paste it into the Httrack web address window. Then set the scan rules and
set connections to something like 2 or 3.

After starting Httrack, the program copied for a few seconds and then stopped.
The Httrack log had in it that the address had moved, so I copied that new
address and restarting Httrack I pasted that new address underneath the
previous address in the web address window and let the program resume copying.
The site does copy but I remember that when I copied it a long time ago I had
to wait until it was totally finished copying, and using a text replace
program removed all of the <script and <iframe tags from the html files.
Because with the script and iframe tags present, when the pages were opened
they would either cause the browser to crash or revert back to the content
warning page.

What I did with the previous site does not work on the site you are wanting.
The blogspot site you are trying to copy constantly refreshes the
authorization address and I do not know why that is. Maybe the blogspot site I
copied is an oddity. If I come up with something successful I'll let you know.
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