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Subject: Webpages containing hidden tables
Author: Horseman
Date: 05/03/2012 17:56

I'm trying to download horse racing results from this (Norwegian) website: 


HTTrack downloads all the racing results from links looking like the two
examples below (d=racing day, t=track, o=?):

... etc.

The results are neatly stored in separate html pages for each race day.

However, the stored html files only contain the immediately visible tables
that can be seen when opening the above listed links. But there are various
tables available at each of the links that will be displayed when clicking
around on the pages, without making the links change. (Default is the tables
shown under "Løpsresultater". When clicking "Alternativ verdi", a new set of
tables are shown).

I noticed that clicking "Oppdatert..." in the upper right side of the frame
will change the links to the following, which adds the type of races in
question to the link:    


So, now the links for the default page has "&V75=0&V5A=0&V4=0" or
"&V65=0&V5A=0" added to them, respectively. If I manually change the 0's to
1's in the address field, the links will open the same pages as before but
instead they will show the "hidden" tables:  


If I ask HTTrack to start off with these links, I get html files that contain
ALL of the results tables contained within these pages for the specific races,
which is what I want. Unfortunately, HTTrack then continues as before, finding
only links that look like the two mentioned in the beginning, without the
"&V75=1&V5A=1&V4=1" parts added.

Question: Is there a way to make HTTrack automatically download all the
results html's in a way that includes all the table layers?
Best regards,

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