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Subject: Re: load next sites after finished a site
Author: William Roeder
Date: 05/05/2012 20:55
> Copier 3.45-4 and after time i have many html but
> also many tmp-files in the folders.
1) Always post the command line used (or log file line two)

2) Tmp files are temporary binary files with internal processing information.
Once the actual file is downloaded the .tmp is deleted.

> how can i configure the program that it only go to
> next link after one site is downloaded and all links
> in this "first" site relinked to lokal space with
> the corresponding files like jpg or others.

3) HTT does breath first ordering.

> now i see when the program is running after time
> under processed files two numbers like 1000/4599 -
> so only 1000 files are renamed and relinked but when
> i stop the program it do not proceed the remaining
> files to lokal adresses. the files were only rename
> from tmp to html.

4) it only had done the first 1000 files. LET it FINISH. Don't cancel it.
Pause, minimize and or hibernate if necessary, resume later.

> so many links go extern -> so second question is

5) LET IT FINISH. They go external because they are, it didn't get to download
them because you canceled. I only run with no external pages=checked so you
know where the mirror ends.

> (the site i would download use over 1 TB of space
> with >100.000.000 files...)
There's no way for you to know that unless you let it finish. You can't know
how many pages are on a site until you download the last page that has no more
new links.
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