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Subject: 3.45.4 Error: "Previous cache file not found" (-1)
Author: Giorgio
Date: 05/10/2012 00:33
Dear All,

I just started using HTTrack and I find it great !
I only have a problem mirroring a website and in particular with errors like
trhe following when updating the mirror.

Error: 	"Previous cache file not found" (-1) at link  ...(from ...)

I'm currently running HTTrack v.3.45.4.

I checked the forum existing posts and found out a similar issue should be
corrected already in previous releases. In addition, the known problem should
only happen when files are deleted from the mirror folder (which is not my
case as I did not touch anything in the downloaded files).

Don't know if related but I also enabled the flag "Tolerant Requests (for
servers) to remove bogos errors about returned file size.
Now the bogos errors are removed but I still get the error in the subject
about previous cache not found.

When the error is returned, the associated file is not downloaded.

Any idea about how to remoce this error ?Thank you very much in advance !


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3.45.4 Error: "Previous cache file not found" (-1)

05/10/2012 00:33
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