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Subject: "Real" Backup from Wikipedia
Author: Thorsten
Date: 05/10/2012 19:01
My English is not so good so sorry if something will not be understand by you
on first reading :-) .
I try to download the complete german Wikipedia and first it seems to run. But
there are many Sites missing, by me, and so i want to start a new download
from the "all articles" site.
At first tests when i give a site like
<> as starting page with internal
depht of 3 (for test not so deep...) and external of 1 it's not a problem,
only time.

Now with starting page is <>
winhttrack copy only one site or the copy will be empty.
first i thought it could be the sign ":" but it isn't so because other sites,
starting with a theme, are no problem.

So what is the problem here that winhttrack can't "see" the links on that site
and follow them?

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"Real" Backup from Wikipedia

05/10/2012 19:01
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05/12/2012 18:02
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