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Subject: Re: Transferring Projects between machines bearing HTT
Author: Alfred Bell
Date: 05/12/2012 03:15
> > I have a laptop and a netbook, both of which have
> > HTTrack installed. For reasons beyond my control,
> I
> > cannot visit the Internet with the laptop, but
> only
> > with the netbook, but I have a massive "My Web
> > Sites" directory on the laptop and want to be
> able
> > to download new Projects on the netbook and then
> > transfer them to the laptop under the laptop's
> > directory.
> You can copy the whole "My Web Sites" folder, or any
> specific project folder, from a machine to another
> one, and perfectly browse the sites, AND even update
> them.
> You may even update a website mirrored on a
> different architecture (Linux/Windows for example),
> as the cache is standardized (data are stored in a
> ZIP file)

Hi, Xavier,
It's very nice to hear from you, the man responsible for the HTTrack Interface
and Spider. My apologies for the delay in replying, but first of all, I cannot
resist thanking you all sincerely for HTTrack, which has played such a vital
role in enabling me to set up the massive and necessary data base on my main
machine. With this programme, you have achieved something truly worth while in
this world.
So, if I might just take up a little more of your time, I hope I gather
correctly from your reply to mine that I will be able to transfer all my new
netbook downloads to the HTTrack directory in the laptop and have the main
Index in that laptop directory recognize all the new additions, so that I will
be able to treat them for purposes of updating and so forth just as though
that edition of HTTrack had downloaded them itself? If so, I am truly in
clover. I know you must be very busy, so even a one-word reply to this would
do for me.
Finally, I must add that I don't seem to be losing any download from
interruptions any more. You have obviously fixed that little problem and I
thank you for that too.
HTTrack is an indispensable programme.
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