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Subject: HTTrack can't grab passed certain point...
Author: ScottGU
Date: 05/12/2012 22:13
It seems I've hit a roadblock, even with my hours of reading and trying to get
it working, via the forums.

I am trying to mirror a site that holds a lot of great fanfiction that I like
to read.

I've moved cookies into the project folder, done the Proxy Login deal and to
avail, I get nothing but the G - PG13 stories. The R - NC17 stories have an
age verification prompt before it continues onto the actual story. "Yes, I am
18." "No, I am not, get me out of here!"

Anyway to get around this sucky little thing?

Much appreciated,


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HTTrack can't grab passed certain point...

05/12/2012 22:13


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