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Subject: log downloaded links
Author: CB
Date: 05/24/2012 04:30
First and foremost thank you for creating and supporting such a useful tool! 
I am trying to automate a language translator and also a PDF generator which
works on single pages only so I need a list of the links downloaded by HTTrack
when generating a mirror. 
Is it possible to log the links created (for instance when an absolute URL
from the originating website is converted to a relative URL in the local
mirrored site)?  This would be similar to the --testlinks option but instead
of just logging errors, it would log all links. 
I thought that the %q or #P options would work but after reading the
documentation, it appears not. I also searched the forum and didn't find
anything there.
Thank you if you can help (and even if you can't)

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