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Subject: HTTrack-page appearing as a portal page
Author: Mike
Date: 05/26/2012 06:30
My previous "thread" on this topic seems to be dead, so I'll first recap what
has been stated so far:
My original Question:   I successfully used HTTrack to mirrow my website,
which I then transferred the contents to another site where I have hosting
privileges. It worked very well, but is there any way that I can perhaps
repeat the process and this time AVOID HAVING THE FOLLOWING PAGE APPEAR (as a
portal or home-page) when someone accesses my (mirrored) website:
HTTrack Website Copier - Open Source offline browser
Index of locally available projects:
No categories
· [name of my web domain]
Mirror and index made by HTTrack Website Copier [XR&CO'2002]
© 2002 Xavier Roche & other contributors - Web Design: Leto Kauler.

Answer Given:     Humm, you apparently copied the top httrack project folder ;
it is like copying
"My Documents" instead of copying a specific document.
You do not have to repeat the mirror - just copy the
subfolder in your new hosting location ; ie rather than copying "C:\My Web
Sites", copy "C:\My Websites\my wonderful site\" 

You may however ensure that you excluded all external resource downloads (such
as linked images) 
by using the following scan rules:
and also disabled the html comment footer (Set Options / Browser ID / HTML
footer to "(none)") and choosing "continue an interrupted mirror".

[Of course, replace "yoursite" by your site's name and "my wonderful site" by
the project folder name]


Unfortunately, I am so stupid concerning computers that I can’t follow the
instructions in your first paragraph above! In fact, because I ran into
trouble trying to amend what I had placed on my “mirrored” website, I ended
up deleting all my files on that website (and also deleting those files from
FileZilla and from my C-drive). 

So I need to start over.   If I type the scan-rule stated in your 2nd
paragraph above, should that solve my problem?  (I might mention that my
website contains some links to outside sources, and those links DID work on my
original mirrored-site.)
Would I type -** into the space where it says “project

Here’s how I previously mirrored my website (and everything worked fine,
except that it showed the HTTrack page as a portal or home-page):

I opened “HTTrack Website Copier.”  
For “project name” I typed a very short general description.
For “project category” I left it blank.
For “Base Path [ghost]”  I left it as  “C:\My Web Sites”
Then I clicked “Next”
Then, for “Action” I selected “Download website(s)”
Then, for Web address (URL), I typed my web domain (and it didn’t seem to
matter whether or not I typed http://).  
Then I clicked “Next.”

Thanks so VERY MUCH for help that anyone can offer!!

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