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Subject: Re: AIX
Author: LGee
Date: 03/13/2013 15:22

HTTrack 3.46 status report on AIX 7.1 (7100-01-05-1228)

- If you compile with gcc installed to a library structure where iconv is also
present (in my case, /opt/freeware/), gcc will pick it up and try to use it,
but later it will conflict with symbols the default iconv which is going to be
used by the linker. I managed to compile it with the IBM C compiler (XLC),
didn't bother solving the issue with gcc but it must be pretty trivial.

- AIX openssl (openssl.base fileset) provides /usr/lib/libssl.a which will not
work with the current version of httrack due to the fact that each possible
openssl library version is hardcoded in the source (htsmodules.c) 
If you have another version/package of openssl installed on the system to a
different path, you can run httrack in the following way to make sure it
detects and uses openssl:

LIBPATH=/opt/freeware/lib httrack

Or just extract the single file from libssl.a and put it in
the same dir, making sure you clean it up during possible updates to the AIX

I'm just starting to use it, I hope it is going to work for me.

On a side note, the source code throws a good amount of warnings with either
compiler. I know it's not lethal, just plain ugly. :>


Anyone having trouble on this platform can find me as LGee on the ##aix
channel of

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