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Subject: Re: Release notes
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/06/2013 22:19
> What's going on with the release notes? While
> patiently waiting for a new version which works
> properly (it still doesn't)

Well, reported bug get progressively fixed, you are welcome to help :)

> 3.47-16/17/18 appear, with a description in the
> release notes which don't seem to describe changes
> in each version, or even mention the latest version

That's true - fixes get appended on the release notes, which is not always

> 19:57:35	Warning: 	Unable to test
> (loop to same filename)

The site is using unusual redirect-to-the-same-location with different cookie
settings, which is currently not supported by httrack.


I have taken note of the issue - I'll have to dig up a bit in the engine and
see how it can be fixed.
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